Bill Payment Checklist
Bill Payment Checklist

Bill Payment Checklist

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The Bill Checklist lists all of your bills and is a great way to remember what needs to be paid. It will provide you a snapshot of what bills you have upcoming and a way to track your payments.

Even if you are great about paying the bills when they come in, what happens if you don't get the bill?

Using a Bill Checklist will remind of you of all your bills-even if the bill gets lost in the mail.


Description is the person/company you are paying. Due is the date of the month the bill is due (like 5th, 20th, etc).

Include all your bills-even those that are set up to pay automatically.

It's helpful to list bills in due date order on your bill tracker so you can see what's due next. (If you completed the Bills By Due Date printable, they should be all ready to go for you!)

You can include bills that are quarterly or less and just put an X through the months where no payment is required.

I like to include everything on here, even if there isn't always a monthly bill. For example, I use a Kohl's card strictly to take advantage of discounts and pay in full when the bill comes. Even though most months do not have a bill, I include it on my checklist so I don't miss paying if I use the card in a given month.

Each month as you pay the bills, put a check in the box for the corresponding month or color in the box.


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